#2- The First Koozie of the Collection

#2- The First Koozie of the Collection

I started collecting back in 2010.  Koozies and Beer sleeves had always been around growing up but I didn't really fully appreciate them until one hot, summer day on the river.

In 2010 I was hosting a morning show for a rock station in Fort St. John, British Columbia.  One of the main perks of working at a radio station is the fun events you get to be part of.

On this beautiful day in July, the radio crew got to cruise up the Peace River in an amazing river boat as part of the River Rats Poker Rally.  The idea behind the rally is to drive up the river with a hundred other boats, stop every hour or so for a drink and snack and each person gets a card at each of the five stops.  The person with the best poker hand in the end wins a prize.

The day was going amazing!  My cards looked really good, the beer was flowing and I was getting to meet some really awesome people.   The sun was shining and hot as we reach a beautiful little forested campsite just passed the final poker stop.

This is where my life changed!  There was about 5 other boats that joined us in this little clearing, everyone was sitting in the shade, drinking beer and bullshitting.  I noticed a guy from another boat that was using this cool red "Bud Camp" foam koozie.  We started talking and he seemed like a great guy.  As my limited beer left were starting to get warm I asked him if he'd be interested in selling the koozie for 5$.  

Nope.  Not interested.

Ok fine.  We chatted a bit more but I was really eyeballing that sleeve.  I offered him 10$

Nope.  Not for sale.

"Ok man, how about $20?"  I don't know why I wanted it so bad, but it really seemed like something that I needed in my life.


"Ok, here's the deal, $20 AND I'll give you one of my remaining beers?"  

"Fine."  He reluctantly handed me over that majestic sleeve as I coughed up the cash and one of my last beers in the cooler.  I was over the moon!  The foam fit my next beer perfectly.  It truly was an "A'ha!" moment!

Bud Camp Koozie

He then proceeded to pocket my twenty and reached into his bag, pulled out the exact same koozie and slide his victory beer into it!  He had a second one the whole time.  The group had be watching this negotiation and broke into laughter. "He really got you George,"  "I bet that stings"  

I wasn't even angry.  I knew that I had stumbled across something that I would use on a daily basis.  Little did I know that this "koozie" would become the foundation of the "Koozie Empire" and become a big inspiration for the Brewski Blazers Brand.

Every time I use it, it takes me back to a sunny July afternoon with no worries and a good time that's waiting to happen.



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