Blog #1- The Reason for having a collection

Blog #1- The Reason for having a collection

Brewski Blazer Koozie room

After about 10 years of collecting and accumulating more then 2000 unique "koozies", I'm running out of places to put them.

As I look at my collection in the basement room, I am contemplating where the newest editions can be displayed.  The walls are lined with shelves that are filled with beer sleeves. There are no open spaces left!

I have a box with about 100 from the latest Australian tour that is sitting in the middle of the room.  Where can these go?  Maybe a large spinning display in the center of the room?  I don't know.

I guess this begs the question:  Why do I keep going?  What motivates me to be continually searching for new pieces for the collection? The answer is quite simple. It's all about the hunt!

It's a reason to stop and check out a garage sale in the middle of nowhere.  Take a side road to visit a small town just to check out an old antique store.  Strike up a conversation with a stranger at a festival.  Each one of the "koozies" in my collection has a story and brings back vivid memories of some great times.

If I can offer a piece of advice; Start a collection.  It doesn't have to be big or expensive or glamorous.  Maybe a small rock that you find on an epic hiking trip or a little vial of sand from a beach that you want to remember.  Just find something that can give you an excuse to try something new. Explore a place you haven't been.  The world is filled with so many marvelous treasures and amazing people.  For me, and maybe you too, sometimes you just need a little excuse to get out there and experience it!

Thanks for stopping by guys.  I'm planning on writing a little weekly blog about my journey and struggle with Brewski Blazers.  Just a little background view on something that I am passionate about and trying to turn from a dream into a reality. 

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